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Time Periods


18th Century

Adrienne de Lafayette

Female Pirates

Martha Dandridge Custis Washington
Catherine the Great

Marie Antoinette's Lady-in-Waiting

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 1792

Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

Regency: Friends of Jane Austen

14-15th Century

Christine de Pizan

Renaissance/16th Century

Queen Elizabeth I

19th Century

Queen Victoria

Civil War Spies: Elizabeth Van Lew

Clara Barton

Nicholas and Alexandra: The Romanovs

Alice in Wonderland

Edgar Allan Poe: Readings by Virginia Poe

Victorian Holidays (see Holiday Themes page)

20th Century

Titanic Survivor 1912

Alice Paul: The Suffragists

Roaring 20's: The Great Gatsby

Female Spies of WW II

COMING SOON! - Elizabeth II


Evil Queen: Extreme Beauty Secrets

Witchy Woman: History of Witchcraft

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