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Here at The Ladies of History Historical Productions, we pride ourselves on the wide variety of time periods, characters and first person portrayals we offer our clients. An event planner or program director can find a treasure trove of entertainment with our one-stop shopping. Every show is guaranteed to enthrall your guests. Package deals are available. Call or email for details.


Characters/Periods of history offered (listed in chronological order):

Christine de Pizan (14-15th century)

Queen Elizabeth I (Renaissance)
Martha Dandridge Custis Washington (18th c.)
Adrienne de Lafayette (18th century)

Annis Boudinot Stockton (Revolutionary War)

Eliza Schuyler Hamilton (18th century & beyond
Pirates (female pirates of the 18th century)
Catherine the Great (18th century Russia)
Marie Antoinette's Lady-in-Waiting (18th c.)

Mary Jemison: White Woman of the Genesee
Legend of Sleepy Hollow 

Regency: Friends of Jane Austen (early 19th c.)

Queen Victoria circa 1860
Clara Barton
Civil War Spies: Elizabeth Van Lew
Victorian/Edwardian (mid late 19th/early 20th c.)

Winter Carnival

Valentine's Day/Courtship Rituals

St. Patrick's Day
April in Paris
Mother's Day
Extreme Beauty Secrets: The Evil Queen
Edgar Allan Poe: Readings by Virginia Poe
Harvest Traditions and Thanksgiving

Christmas Traditions
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Dickens: A Christmas Carol
Alice in Wonderland: The "real Alice" and Lewis Carroll

Nicholas and Alexandra: the Romanovs

Titanic Era circa 1912
The Suffragists: Alice Paul and Friends
Roaring Twenties (focus on Great Gatsby)
Witchy Woman: History of Witchcraft/Halloween
Female Spies of World War II

Queen Elizabeth II circa 1977 (Silver Jubilee)

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