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The Ladies of History in School

Bring history alive in your classroom!


The Ladies of History in School is designed to meet the needs of today’s educators who would like to find a memorable and exciting way to bring history to life for their students right in the classroom.  Find out more today!


The Ladies of History is a labor of love that grew out of a desire to study women who made a difference in history, wear the fashions of different eras and bring history to life in a lively and fun way.  History can be so interesting!


Owner and middle school teacher Alisa Dupuy began the business in 2006 and typical clientele has been tea rooms, women’s clubs, library programs and historical societies. However, since the main goal of The Ladies of History is to make history fun, exciting and memorable for the people who come to hear the programs, who better to perform for than students?


“Meeting” an historical figure can favorably impress children, foster greater interest and encourage them to learn and remember more.  The Ladies of History in School provides several programs at a truly reasonable cost.  Some possibilities include but are not limited to: 


  • Elizabethan/Renaissance women

  • Colonial times, harvest traditions, Thanksgiving, Native American connections

  • Women of the Civil War - including the contributions of Black and Native Americans

  • Women of the American Revolution- including the contributions of Black and Native Americans

  • Industrial age (Victorian Age)

  • Women’s Rights (Alice Paul)

  • The 1920s/The Great Gatsby

  • World War II

The Ladies of History in School will work with the school to provide programs

that connect to the curriculum and the desired standards.  Teachers can choose a

one-performance assembly or an all-day multi-class format.  A school can also

choose a program package (three or four different shows) as an anchor or

culminating activity for each marking period/quarter.  These packages can be

tailored as needed.

Schools also have the option of having a first-person historical figure such as

Martha Washington or Clara Barton come visit or they may simply choose to

invite Eliza Blackwell Dupree, a fictional persona from the time period who will

talk about the subject(s).  See the Themes or Shows page to appreciate all the programs

we have to offer.


One hour show and Q&A ….. $450

Full day, multi-class  (up to 5 periods) …. $1200

Yearly anchor package (three assembly performances over the school year) … $1200



Alisa Dupuy has been a highly qualified teacher in the Princeton Public School district since 1995, received accolades and awards during her tenure as a French teacher and speaks five languages.  She is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, which is a living history group and has researched her subjects extensively.  She portrays Annis Boudinot Stockton for Morven Museum & Garden in Princeton and is a member of the Newtown Historic Association where she has volunteered and performed as Martha Washington and Queen Victoria to raise funds for the Half-Moon Inn.  She regularly does programs for several museums, historical societies and library systems in the tri-state area.  She has, of course, performed in her own classroom many times and was known for her classroom Renaissance Faire and the trips to Quebec she offered her students.  She sings a little and swing dances with her husband when she is not busy reading some historically based book. 



(Best way to contact is through email) or by phone 215-778-9860

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